Benefits Of Replacing Your Siding


Make Money?

In this Blog I will break down 5 benefits of replacing your siding and why you should be doing it when it's time. At the end of the day, you will be winning in terms of appearance and money (because yes, you can make more money if you install new siding to your home)

1- Value Increase

First, your house will increase in value when changing your siding correctly and done by a licensed contractor. Statistics say that your house could increase by around $12.500 and in some cases, it can even go higher.

2- Less Maintenance

The truth is that when something is new, is normal that it requires less maintenance than your old siding. Less maintenance means less money spent on future problems that your old siding can give you like repainting it. 

3- Duration

Apart from the duration that your new siding could last, you also need to take into account the weather conditions you live in. Your old siding can last longer if you are in a determined area but it can last less time if you live in a harsh weather area.  

4- Affordability

When installing a new siding, it's normal that you need to invest big amounts of money but replacing the siding is cheaper than replacing it with common exterior materials. 

5- Warranty

A new siding includes less future problems, less maintenance and if you have any problem then you have  a 10-30 year warranty that has your back. This is why there's no risk at all about changing your siding. I would say there's more to win than to loose in this case

Are you ready?

Now that you took a look to the blog, are you ready to make the next step and ask for a free estimate for your new siding?